Round Rock Roll-Off Dumpster Rental and Junk Removal

When you’ve got more debris than Round Rock Refuse will pick up it’s time to consider a roll-off dumpster rental. If you’re looking for the cleanest, most reliable dumpster service in the greater Austin area Rubbish INC. is the company of choice. We may be working with garbage, but we take pride is providing attractive, well-maintained roll-off waste containers and haulers that are true customer service professionals.

We’ve got residential and construction dumpsters in Round Rock that are ready to rent today!

All-Inclusive Transparent Dumpster Prices on All Round Rock Orders

Some Round Rock dumpster rental companies advertise low prices then hit you with hidden fees after you’ve used the waste container rental. At Rubbish INC that’s not how we do business. All of our prices are quoted up front and include:

  • The dumpster delivery
  • The dumpster pick up
  • Dump fees
  • Up to 2 tons of garbage for per 10 yd dumpster
  • Up to 4 tons of garbage for per 20 yd dumpster

Each additional ton of trash is just $50 more. Our flat-rate pricing structure makes it easy to estimate costs and decide which trash container rental is the most affordable.

Give us a call at 512-298-5445 for quotes on how much it will cost to order a dumpster in Round Rock.

Ideal Dumpster Sizes for Residential & Commercial Projects in Round Rock

Currently we are offering two dumpster rental sizes that meet the needs for many clean up, renovation, landscaping and remodeling jobs in Round Rock.

10 Yard Dumpster Rentals

3.5’ tall x 8’ wide x 14’ long – A 10 yard roll off dumpster will easily hold 2+ tons of debris and is the equivalent of roughly 4 pickup truck loads.

20 Yard Dumpster Rentals

6’ tall x 8’ wide x 14’ long – A 20 yard roll off dumpster can hold 4+ tons of waste and is equal to approximately 6 pickup truck loads.

#1 Professional Junk Removal Service in Round Rock!

Junk removal, trash hauling, debris pickup – whatever you call it, Rubbish INC is the expert! Our junk pickup services eliminate the need for onsite dumpsters that take up valuable space. If you live in Round Rock, TX or surrounding areas and need a professional service provider for your next waste project, give us a call at 512-298-5445. No other waste company in the city offers the same level of professionalism, customer service, convenience, and affordability as Rubbish INC.

Learn more about our Junk Removal Services

For junk and trash pickup services, broken appliance removal, old mattress disposal, hoarder house clean outs, etc. we offer a two or three man crew and 20 cubic yard dump trailer. Our junk removal dump trailers hold up to 20 cubic yards of waste. We prorate pricing based on 1/4 trailer or every 5 cubic yards of waste. If you only use a quarter of our trailer, you will only pay for a quarter plus the labor cost.

Here’s how to Order our Junk Removal Services:

1. Call us at 512-298-5445 or fill out and submit all of your information on our website contact form. Please provide all relevant information about your project, including pictures from all angles. We will give you a price over the phone. For bigger or special jobs we may have to come out and give you an onsite price.

2. Schedule a date for junk pickup. Call us to schedule a junk pickup date.

3. Get Prepared. Place all of your junk in a pile for quick removal. Try to make access to the junk or debris pile(s) close and easy for our crew because the total cost of the junk removal project will increase based on the amount of work involved.

If you have any questions please contact our customer service for help estimating how much debris your project is likely to produce.

Dumpsters That Won’t Damage Your Property

Property values are on the rise in Round Rock thanks to the nearly 10% population growth and amazing job opportunities. The last thing you want to do during an improvement project is damage your property. At Rubbish Inc. we’ve invested in trucks that use a hook lift system. Unlike other roll off dumpsters, our containers are gently lowered into place instead of being dragged or pushed.

Dumpster Rental Periods That Fit Your Schedule

There are a lot of factors that can affect how long you need a haul away dumpster. In addition to the extent of the project, HOAs in neighborhoods like Terra Vista and Round Rock Ranch often have mandates on how long you can keep dumpsters on your property.

Our standard rental periods last anywhere from just 30 minutes to a full week. However, we can work with customers that need a cheap dumpster rental for long-term projects. Just let us know how long you need the trash container, and we’ll schedule an automatic pick up. If your project gets done early or runs long just give us a call and we can adjust the rental period.

Rent a dumpster for 3 days or less to receive a special discount off the total cost.

Dumpster Delivery and Pick Up Made Easy Round the Rock

If the idea of getting trash off your job site is stressing you out Rubbish Inc. can help you relax. When you order a dumpster with us you can trust that everything is going to be handled properly even if you can’t be there during the dumpster delivery. Let us know via phone, email or text where you want the dumpster placed, we’ll get it there.

What You Can and Can’t Put in Our Round Rock Dumpsters

We help Round Rock construction companies and property owners clear away debris quickly with single-stream waste containers that hold just about anything. All of the following items can be thrown out in a Rubbish Inc. dumpster:

  • Trash or garbage
  • Yard debris
  • Construction waste
  • Demolition materials

What can’t go in Rubbish Inc. rollaway dumpsters:

Round Rock may be home to one of the most well known stones in the country but they can’t go in our trash container rentals. The last three items are extremely heavy and could overload the rental dumpster to the point that it can’t be picked up. If you need this outdoor debris removed give us a call to learn about available options.

Hire Round Rock Junk Haulers to do the Dirty Work

If you’d rather be spending time on the trails at Old Settlers Park or watching a Round Rock Express game than cleaning out junk we understand. That’s why Rubbish Inc. has personal junk haulers that are at your service all hours of the day to help you get the job done.

Select our Hire a Hauler service, and we’ll deliver the trash dumpster, help you fill it and then haul it away in a day.