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The Consequences of Illegal Dumping and Littering

It was the early 1970’s in sunny south Florida — I can remember watching those boring films of pollution and littering in my elementary school classroom. Exhaust belching automobiles and industrial smoke stacks, overflowing landfills, littered landscapes, and finally… polluted waterways with dying wildlife. Those images are forever etched into my brain. Yet nearly 50…

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Spring Cleaning? Why not a Spring Clear Out, Dumpster Style?

Spring cleaning is the dreaded chore most homeowners have experienced. Stuffed Flintstone closets, overflowing junk drawers, the spare bedroom that collects everything but a human body, and a junk-filled garage that you couldn’t fit a Matchbox car into – let alone the family car. Inevitably, it sucks valuable time and energy right out of you. What you…

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What is a Roll Off Dumpster?

A common question we hear in the waste disposal industry is ‘what is a roll off dumpster?’ When most folks think of a dumpster, they envision a smelly steel trash container sitting behind a businesses or an apartment building. However, there are garbage dumpsters and then there are roll-off dumpsters – each delivering a specific service to…

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